At DrinkEntrepreneurs, we believe life is about making great human connections. We’re Singapore’s most relaxed #afterwork social for the start-up scene and beyond. Meet great people at DrinkEntrepreneurs, make meaningful connections and share your ideas – the rest is up to you!

‘Their monthly event in Singapore connects a wide range of individuals with varying experiences and from different industries.’

DrinkEntrepreneurs partners with great venues and spaces, hosting events every few weeks. Word of mouth is our lifeblood.

DrinkEntrepreneurs Singapore - #afterwork social

‘It makes professional and social networking absolutely enjoyable and effective.’

Thanks to a community of over 15k supporters, word has spread. Many regulars have been with us for years. We attract an eclectic audience from all walks of life who enjoy swanky spaces and inspired conversations.

DrinkEntrepreneurs Singapore - #afterwork social

‘They’re so in-demand that they even have an ‘Overflow’ ticket type.’

In 2013, DrinkEntrepreneurs pioneered its free flowing open-format event in Singapore – without stuffy venues, boring presentations, name tags or hard-coded agenda. It was nothing short of a revolution in the local events scene. Ever since, our unique recipe has been copied many times.

DrinkEntrepreneurs Singapore - #afterwork social

‘Come join other entrepreneurs at this swanky new location for a casual evening of drinks & food. Everything you need to start a great conversation is right here.’

Until today, few events boast stronger word of mouth, or a more loyal following. Year after year, thousands of people experience our community and enjoy vibrant evenings of good company and inspiration. Be part of the most relaxed #afterwork social!

DrinkEntrepreneurs Singapore - #afterwork social

‘It’s a new way of networking with like-minded people.’


‘One-of-a-kind social experiences.’